Completed Projects


1. Land for the Home of Hope Orphanage Building. –  $14,500. (U.S.)






2. Electricity for the Home of Hope Orphanage –  $200. (U.S.)





3. Land fill (dirt), for the Home of Hope Orphanage. (The land was a rice field, and we had to fill it up with lots of dirt to level the land off before we could build on it. –  $3,000. (U.S.)





4. A water well, with a hand pump –  $1,800. (U.S.)






5. A septic tank with toilets and bath house outside –  $2,800. (U.S.)








6. We are happy to say that we have completed our Home of Hope Orphanage Building Construction for 20 children. The building has one room for girls, one room for boys, a kitchen and a small extra room for a warden  –  $25,000. (U.S.)







7. We are so happy to say that because of your love, prayers and support we were able to complete the 10 bunk beds with the drawers for our 20 orphans at Home of Hope. We made it with the best wood called teak wood which is very resistant to water and bugs. The children are more than joyful for them. –  $3,500. (U.S.)






8. We praise God for the Children at Home of Hope Orphanage (20) Bed Sheets, Pillows, and Blankets we received. – Estimated cost: $600. (U.S.)





Building the Cement Roof and Beams
1. $9,810. Cement Roof 1,800 sq. ft. with Steel Post/Beams/Stairs including Labor and Supplies.
                   A. LABOR $2,100.
                   B. Steel $3,900.
                         a)770 lbs./350Kg Kg Of Steel. 
                   C. Sand $800.
                           a) 4 (10 CIM) Truck Loads of sand  
                   D.Cement $890.
                          a)165 Bags Cement
                    E.Chips (small stones) $800.
                          a)8 (5 CIM) Truck Loads of chips.
                    F.Wood $900.
                        a)150KB of wood
                   G.Bamboo $280
                         a)150 Bamboos 
                    H.Black Wire/Nails $140