A Different Idenity

A Different Idenity

Adam certainly died to the awareness of who he was, therefore he experienced death immediately. Hence, God asked: "Adam, who told you that you are naked or void of My life or identity?"  
He is heart awareness causes us to experience death.

We must put on the Mind of Christ and see that in our Father's perspective we never lost our identity.

What He has made us cannot change, only WE can take on the awareness of a different identity.

The prodigal never had an identity change, only in his awareness did he fail to see who he was and therefore left the father. The lost sheep didn't become a goat when it left. The lost coin didn't lose it's value because it was covered over with dirt.

We need to question our theology and see if we have believed things just because religion has preached these false realities.

The early church fathers never taught that we were in Adam and then had to be put back in Christ. The early church fathers never taught exclusion or penal substitution. These are man's ideas because they are 'at home in the body' or they judge by appearances.